WiMIR Workshop 2020: Success!

We’re pleased to tell you that our highly virtual, distributed-in-time-and-space WiMIR Workshop for 2020 went pretty well, all things considered!

Rather than put everything on a single day, we wanted to spread the event out – both to avoid Zoom fatigue, and to allow folks across different timezones to join in easily. We ended up running four sessions across eight weeks, ranging from Pacific Daylight Time to Indian Standard time. We had speakers from India, Australia, California, Europe, and had over 450 signups!

We had each of our presenters give a 45 minute talk about their work and career, and then followed it up with a socializing & networking session. We took advantage of Zoom’s breakout rooms to send folks into rooms of 4-6 people for twenty minutes or so. We did this twice, and then the remaining people met in the main Zoom call for a very relaxed end-of-call discussion.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, for every session! Special thanks to our volunteers:  Jay Appaji, Phoebe Chua, Elena Georgieva, Rui Guo, Kyungyun Lee, Alia Morsi, & Elona Shatri – and extra-special thanks to our project guides:  Christine Bauer, Tom Collins, Daniel Ellis, Jenn Thom, Doug Turnbull, Amanda Krause, Preeti Rao, Rohit M. A., Juanjo Bosch, Amy LaMeyer, & Darragh Dandurand.  

We’ll see you next year!

The WiMIR Workshop Organizers,

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