WiMIR Workshop 2021: A Virtual Success!

We’re pleased to say, again, that our virtual, distributed-in-time-and-space WiMIR Workshop 2021 went very well!

We had just under 200 signups this year, and did a two-day intensive across timezones from Tokyo to San Francisco. We were delighted to have speakers from Shanghai, Singapore, Denmark, Paris, and more!

We did longer talks this year, and then were on Discord as our socializing and networking space – we also resumed our discussions from Delft, covering Work/Life Balance, Burnout, Applying to Post Docs & Grad School, Picking An Advisor, Starting an MIR Business, and Interviewing.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! Special thanks to our volunteers:  Rachel Bittner, Jan Van Balen, Elio Quinton, Becky Liang, Meinard Mueller, Elena Georgieva – and extra-special thanks to our project guides: Dorien Herremans, Kat Agres, Tian Cheng, Stefania Serafin, Oriol Nieto, Emma Frid, Nick Bryan, Lamtharn “Hanoi” Hantrakul, Jason Hockman, Jake Drysdale, Olumide Okubadejo, and Cory McKay.

We’ll see you next year!

The WiMIR Workshop Organizers,

  • Courtney Reed, Queen Mary, UK
  • Kitty Shi, Stanford, USA
  • Jordan Smith, TikTok, UK
  • Thor Kell, Spotify, USA
  • Blair Kaneshiro, Stanford, USA

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