WiMIR mentoring 2022 signups are now open!

Signups are now open for the seventh round of the Women in Music Information Retrieval (WiMIR) mentoring program, to run in 2022! We kindly invite previous and new mentors and mentees to sign up for the upcoming round.

The WiMIR mentoring program connects women students, postdocs, early-stage researchers, industry employees, and faculty to more senior women and men in MIR who are dedicated to increasing opportunities for women in the field. Mentors will share their experiences and offer guidance to support mentees in achieving and exceeding their goals and aspirations. The program also offers all mentors the option to pair up with a peer mentor for discussing relevant topics with a professional at a similar stage of their career. By connecting individuals of different backgrounds and expertise, this program strengthens networks within the MIR community, both in academia and industry.

Mentee eligibility

  • ​​You identify as women, trans, or non-binary, at any career stage in MIR.
  • This year we are also starting to expand the mentorship program to other underrepresented groups, pending an availability of mentors. If you are from a group that is underrepresented either at large in the ISMIR community (e.g., the Global South) or in the MIR community in your own country (e.g., an ethnic or racial group), we encourage community members of all genders to fill out this form if you are interested in receiving mentorship.
  • Sign up to GET a mentor: https://tinyurl.com/wimir-mentee-signup  

Mentor eligibility

Sign up by December 17, 2021. Mentoring to begin in February 2022.

Questions? Email: wimir-mentoring@ismir.net  

WiMIR Mentoring Program Team 2022

  • Johanna Devaney, Brooklyn College/Graduate Center (CUNY), United States
  • Lamtharn “Hanoi” Hantrakul, TikTok/ByteDance, Thailand
  • Michael Mandel, Reality Labs and Brooklyn College/Graduate Center (CUNY), United States
  • Francesca Ronchini, Inria, France

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