WiMIR Workshop 2019: Success!

We’re very pleased, again, to write to tell you that the WiMIR 2nd Annual Workshop was a resounding success!

Like last year, we wanted the WiMIR Workshop to  build upon the MIR community’s already strong support for diversity and inclusion. We had three main aims:

  • Encourage the discussion of proposed or unfinished work.
  • Amplify the scientific efforts of women in the field.
  • Create additional space for networking.

Thanks to support from Spotify and Pandora, we were able to offer the WiMIR Workshop as a free event, open to everyone!  The Workshop took place as a satellite event of ISMIR2019, at the amazing Aula Conference Centre in Delft.  We had just over 100 people attend, with twelve Project Guides.  Our topics ranged from doing research-at-scale to ethical frameworks for music technology, analysis of computer-generated folk music, and more.  We also had amazing catering and eight kinds of flavoured water – thanks Delft!



The day was a bit more streamlined compared to last year – we focused more on group work with the Project Guides, and did not do a poster session.  We had a similar lunch session to last year, informally structured around topics like “Dealing with Sexism” and “Surviving Grad School”.  The lunch provided attendees with an opportunity to connect with new people and learn about topics that members in the field (especially those who are not women) don’t often discuss.

After lunch, the project groups started a deeper dive into their topic areas, with an eye to present at 4:30 pm and then conduct an hour-long science fair at 5:00.  You can see a Twitter thread of all the talks here, and look at the final presentation slides here!



It was a lot of fun, and we got lots of excellent feedback – we’re looking forward to next year.

And, of course, the tweets:

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 15.37.06.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 15.36.48.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 15.36.17.png

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out: The Aula Conference Centre staff, the ISMIR2019 volunteers & General Chairs, the ISMIR Board, WIMIR leadership and TU Delft!

We’ll see you next year in Montréal!

The WiMIR Workshop Organizers,



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